The Daily Iowan: Looking Back at 150 Years of Student Reporting

Aug 1, 2018

This summer, the University of Iowa’s student-run newspaper, The Daily Iowan, celebrates 150 years serving the Iowa City community.

“It doesn’t matter how you deliver a story; if it’s a great story people will read it. College students at The Daily Iowan have been writing great stories for 150 years, and they will be for a long time,” says Bill Casey, publisher of the Daily Iowan from 1976 to 2016. He oversaw tremendous growth at the paper, received a number of awards for his work, and mentored many students. 

On this edition of Talk of Iowa, host Charity Nebbe talks with Casey, as well as Daily Iowan alumni about how working at the paper helped them in their various careers. She also talks with the current editors-in-chief of The Daily Iowan and Iowa State Daily about the challenges student-run papers have and the future of journalism as they look past graduation.

“It’s an exciting time,” says Casey. “Things are changing, but they’re always changing. They changed for me for 41 years.”

Guests on today’s show include: Bill Casey, The Daily Iowan’s publisher from 1976 to 2016; Seung Min Kim, White House reporter for The Washington Post and 2007 UI graduate; Nathan Hill, author of The Nix and 1999 UI graduate; Gage Miskimen, editor in chief of The Daily Iowan; and Alex Connor, editor in chief of Iowa State Daily.