Cruz Solidly Against Renewable Fuel Standards

Jan 26, 2016

Texas Senator Ted Cruz isn’t backing away from advocating eliminating the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS) for mandating a specified amount of ethanol that must be incorporated into the nation’s motor fuels.

Cruz defends his views even though Iowa Governor Terry Branstad says Iowans should rebuff the  Texas Senator’s bid for the Republican presidential nomination because of Iowa’s stake in producing corn-based ethanol.

Campaigning in Manchester Monday with Iowa Congressman Steve King at his side, Cruz said all fuels should have equal access to markets without government assistance.  Instead of mandating the total amount of ethanol to be used annually, Cruz favors removing government barriers to the amount of ethanol in fuels at gas pumps.

Cruz wants what he terms a “level playing field” for all fuels. 

“Under such a fair and level playing field,” Cruz said, “that is likely to result in more market share, more sales for ethanol and Iowa corn farmers without being dependent on Washington.”

“The lobbyists very much want Iowa to stay focused on the RFS,” said Cruz, “because it keeps Iowa dependent on Washington, and it keeps the lobbyists being paid. If every year Iowa has to go back to the Washington politicians and say keep this mandate in place, it means the lobbyists will get paid each and every year.”