Cruz Gains Ground Among Iowa Voters

Nov 24, 2015

A new poll suggests Republican Texas Senator Ted Cruz is gaining support among likely Iowa caucus-goers.  Quinnipiac University poll results released Tuesday show Cruz passing retire neurosurgeon Ben Carson to claim second place behind Donald Trump.  The same poll had Cruz with 10-percent support a month ago.  It now gives him 23-percent.  That’s a statistical tie with Trump’s 25-percent showing.

Quinnipiac poll assistant director, Peter Brown, says campaign for the Republican presidential nomination is becoming a two-tiered contest: those candidates with no previous elected experience, and those who currently hold political office.

“You have a two-tiered situation,” he says.  “You have the outsiders, Carson and Trump, [and] the insiders, the leading ones are Cruz and Rubio. And everybody else is well behind them. It will take somewhat of a miracle for one of those other candidates to make it up into the top tier.”

Quinnipiac’s poll shows Carson with 18-percent support among Iowa likely caucus goers, and Marco Rubio with 13-percent.