Cranes and Vultures take folk in new direction

Nov 15, 2016

Dubuque trio Cranes and Vultures brings its eclectic take on folk and alt-country to The Java House in downtown Iowa City in this episode of IPR Studio One's "Java Blend." 

Download and listen to the podcast below to hear the band chat with "Java Blend" host Ben Kieffer and play some of their intriguing, highly original tunes. 

Dubuque's Indiecana Rock trio, Cranes/Vultures, create original acoustic music using folk instrumentation in an adventurous style. Their poignant songs hint of alt-country, indie, and even progressive rock. Singer/songwriter Nate Jenkins entices the listener with his strings and vocals, whilst engaging in bewildering harmonies with the percussionist, Brad Cavanagh. The trio strengthens with the addition of double bass player, Josh Engler, and his irreplaceable riffs. Together, they place Cranes/Vultures on a musical plane of their own, yet all too wonderfully recognizable. 

Nate Jenkins has written music in various projects, sharing the bill with great musicians such as Andrew Bird, Gaelic Storm, Charlie Parr, and Andy Goessling from Railroad Earth. The trio released its first collection of studio recordings in August of 2015, an EP titled TWIG. Overall, TWIG is tight, notably catchy, and illustrates the distinct and desired sound of Cranes/Vultures.