Craft Beer "Growlers" Could Be Sold at Local Convenience Stores

Mar 20, 2015

As Iowans consume more local craft beer, there's demand for more convenient access. So, what if 64-ounce glass to-go containers, known as growlers, were available at local grocery stores and gas stations?

A bill being considered by the Iowa Senate would do just that.

Iowa Senator Jeff Danielson (D) proposed the legislation, which he says complies with both Class C liquor licenses and open container laws. He chairs the senate committee in charge of alcohol and gaming. He says the committee takes its time considering all the potential ramifications of any new liquor law.

"Certainly, we think there’s a benefit to the craft beer industry. There are Iowans creating jobs and creating demand for that product, but it can’t be free and unfettered," Sen. Danielson says.

"As long as I’m chair of the committee…I always have to exercise an abundance of caution for what we are going to say yes to."

In this River to River interview, host Clare Roth talks with Danielson about the legislation.