"Courage and Devotion"

Sep 11, 2014

For years Bruce Kindig of Davenport did his best to keep the history of the Civil War alive as a re-enactor and a history teacher. 

Now he is bringing a forgotten battle of the civil war back to forefront with his book, “Courage and Devotion; a History of Bankhead's/Scott's Tennesse Battery in the American Civil War” (AuthorHouse).  On this editionof  Talk of Iowa we go back in time to 1861 to meet the men of Bankhead and Scott’s Battery. 

Also on the broadcast, we meet a Civil War re-enactor colleague of Kindig's, Ed Reiter of Bettendorf.  He maintains a first-person impression of an Irish immigrant from Memphis, TN.  Later in the hour, Charity speaks with Civil War researcher Dave Connon, who has looked into the history of the small number of Iowans who enlisted and served in the Confederate military.