Coralville Shooting Could Shed Light on Stalking Laws

Jun 15, 2015

Governor Branstad today offered sympathy to the family of an Iowa Children’s Museum employee who was shot and killed inside the Coral Ridge Mall in Coralville on Friday.   

Andrea Farrington, 20, of Cedar Rapids had reportedly complained that the suspect in the shooting had been watching her and leaving notes on her car. Governor Branstad is not ruling out new legislation on stalking as a result of the shooting.

“I’ll let law enforcement agencies do their work,” Branstad says, “and see if there’s anything in this investigation that would shed light on legislative action that could be taken in the future. He has promoted legislation in the past aimed at preventing stalking and domestic abuse. 

“I continue to believe that we should do all we can to try to protect people," Branstad says.   “I’m sure there will be a full investigation.”

The suspect, Alexander Kozak, 22, of North Liberty, a security guard at the mall, is under arrest.  He’s being held on $10 million bond at the Johnson County jail.