Come Hear Grinnell's Handel "Esther"! (Then stay after to meet IPR hosts!)

Mar 1, 2015

Queen Esther (from a painting by Edwin Long, 1878)
Credit wikipedia

Today at 2PM you have a rare chance to experience a live performance of Handel's great oratorio, "Esther." Then, stay after for a reception and meet IPR's  Jacqueline Halbloom and Curt Snook. In "Esther," Handel wrote some of his most inspiring music to tell the story of the Jewish Queen of Persia whose courageous action saved her people from genocide. It will be performed at Sebring-Lewis Hall by the Lyra Baroque Ensemble and Grinnell Singers conducted by John Rommerein. IPR will be recording and broadcasting it for a future broadcast, but it'll be amazing live - and we hope to meet YOU at the post-concert reception. Information at 641-269-4444, or at this link.