Clinton and O'Malley Talk About Wind Energy, But Not Emails

Jul 25, 2015

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton says none of the emails she sent or received using her private server while Secretary of State  were marked “classified” at the time. Clinton told a gathering at the 3rd Congressional District Democratic Central Committee in Winterset on Saturday that she has “no idea” what the emails contained.

On Thursday, Inspector General Charles McCullough said four emails contained classified information, though they were not marked as such. 

"The argument is over 'this should have been done,' or 'this now should be done.' That has nothing to do with me," says Clinton. "That is a discussion amongst various agencies within the government." 

Clinton has drawn criticism for using a private email server while she was Secretary of State.

Also in attendance was Democratic rival Martin O'Malley. The former Maryland governor declined to comment on the emails, though he did address climate change.

"Any candidate running for president needs to have a plan for addressing climate change," O'Malley says. "Ideally whether it's the renewable portfolio standard, more electric, more clean energy on our grid every year, or more bio fuels. The key is that we continue to move up and not backslide."

2016 presidential hopefuls often promote the benefits of wind energy while campaigning in Iowa and both O'Malley and Clinton spoke positively of wind energy during their stump speeches. Iowa ranks first in the nation for the percentage of wind power on its grid.