Cedar Rapids, Police Officer Deny Allegations in Shooting Lawsuit

Apr 25, 2017

Dashboard camera footage shows Officer Lucas Jones and Jerime Mitchell in Cedar Rapids November 1, 2016.
Credit YouTube

The City of Cedar Rapids and a police officer are denying all allegations in a lawsuit over a police shooting that left a man paralyzed from the neck down. 

In responses filed last week, the City of Cedar Rapids and police officer Lucas Jones state they are not liable for injuries or damages to Jerime Mitchell and his wife.

Mitchell sued the city and Jones after Jones shot him during a traffic stop last November.

Jones and the city deny all allegations in the complaint, but they do not provide many details.

Jones states he did not order his canine unit to kill Mitchell, as was alleged in the initial complaint. He states he acted in self-defense when Mitchell "actively struggled" with him. 

Mitchell and his wife are suing for negligence, "reckless, willful and wanton" actions, assault and battery, and the infliction of emotional distress. 

A conference call to determine a trial date is scheduled for next month.