Cedar Rapids Employee Hospitalized After Bringing Shotgun to City Building

Aug 23, 2017

A Cedar Rapids city employee was hospitalized after he brought a shotgun to the City Services Center  Wednesday morning. City officials say the man intended to harm himself.

The City Services Center, which houses several city departments and nearly 375 employees, was evacuated Wednesday morning.

Cedar Rapids Deputy Police Chief Tom Jonker says police entered the building and confirmed the man had caused no injuries.

"He was, however, a threat to himself," Jonker says. "So police officers and negotiators started a dialogue with the individual and were able to convince the man to put down the weapon." 

The weapon was not discharged, and there were no injuries. 

Jonker says the man’s name will not be released because he is considered a patient who was transported to a medical facility for evaluation. Police are investigating and will determine if charges are appropriate.

Cedar Rapids City Manager Jeff Pomeranz says he heard the man was acting "normal" and talking with colleagues earlier in the morning.

"Based on what I heard, I believe he was a threat to himself and certainly did not plan on hurting others," Pomeranz says. "But again, that’s part of the investigation." 

Pomeranz also says he believes the incident was personal and not work-related.

The City Services Center will re-open Thursday.