Carter's Legacy Thirty Years Later

Sep 1, 2015

Even though he was responsible for negotiating the Camp David Accords, creating the Departments of Energy and Education, and putting the Iowa Caucuses on the map, President Jimmy Carter was also plagued by the Iran Hostage Crisis and rising 'stag-flation' during his presidency.  Much of his legacy came from after he left the presidency, with the Carter Center and humanitarian efforts.

"He's been remarkable, energetic, written books, travels all over the world, tries to make elections cleaner and is certainly a shining example for any president, who could do so much because they have so much influence and connections. And some choose to go and start painting paintings of their family and other things, and Jimmy Carter chose to become a world leader to make life better for a lot of people," Steffen Schmidt, Professor of Political Science at Iowa State University, says.

In this Politics Day edition of River to River, host Ben Kieffer speaks with Schmidt and Jim McCormick, also a Professor of Political Science at Iowa State University, about Jimmy Carter's campaign, election, and presidency. Iowa Public Radio Correspondent Dean Borg also joins the conversation.