Branstad Daughter and Her Family will Accompany the Branstads to China

Mar 21, 2017

Governor Branstad and First Lady Chris Branstad will not be leaving their entire family behind when they move to Beijing for Branstad to serve as U.S. Ambassador to China.    

Speaking in Des Moines Tuesday,  Branstad said his daughter Allison and her family will also be moving to Beijing.  

“My daughter has interviewed for a teaching job in China via Skype,” Branstad said.    “She got an offer from the Beijing International School.”

Gov. Branstad and First Lady Chris Branstad with grandchildren
Credit Radio Iowa

Costa accepted the offer to teach 3rd grade.

“So she's excited,” Branstad said.    “She and her two children and her husband are intending to move to China with my wife and I.”

Allison Costa plans to resign from her job teaching in Waukee Community Schools.

Allison and her husband Jerry have two daughters, Sofia aged 6, and Stella aged 4.      

The Branstads have seven grandkids in all.    

Branstad revealed the family plans at a meeting of home school families in Des Moines.  

He also told the group of the extensive vetting process he has undergone.   He said investigators have talked to hundreds of people who have known the Branstads in the past.

“Even a guy at Lake Panorama we own a jetski with,” Branstad said to laughter from the group.

Branstad said he plans to engage in some practice sessions before his upcoming appearance before the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee which will rule on his confirmation.