Branstad: 1-K is a Start

Oct 7, 2014

Organizers of the Branstad administration’s fourth annual 1-K walk say they expect as many as half a million people to participate. 

Tomorrow throughout the day, groups from schools, businesses, and churches  are encouraged to get out and get some exercise in the fine fall weather.    

Governor Branstad admits for many people 1-K isn’t much of a workout.

“So people who exercise regularly, yeh,  it's not a  big thing," Branstad says. "But for people that are just starting out and maybe haven’t  exercised, it's a start." 

The annual walk is part of the governor’s Healthiest State Initiative.   The Iowa National Guard is mobilizing soldiers to lead families and residents in 1-K walks at 52 armories across the state.

The governor and lieutenant governor will lead a walk at the State Capitol.