Bittersweet and Funny: Kevin Kling

Feb 10, 2014

Everyone is at some point a storyteller.  

Kevin Kling is known for telling stories that are weird and wonderful.  He makes audiences laugh until they cry and he makes them cry until they laugh again.  In this 'Talk of Iowa,' Kling talks about storytelling, his upcoming residency at Central College in Pella, and his latest book On Stage with Kevin Kling.  

During the program, Kling says "every day is a mixture of blessings and curses, and a lot of times they are right next to each other."  Many of his most well-known stories are autobiographical.  He says that sometimes people tell him that he has had a weird life, and he replies that everyone has eccentric experiences.  He says that "Mid-westerners tend to compress our eccentricities, but we've got it over anybody."

Kling also says that love feeds many good stories.  Listen to this short clip from the show: