Best Lawn Care Schedule is Counterintuitive

Aug 23, 2016

Much of gardening is intuitive. Not so with lawn care.

Plants grow in the spring and summer, so you might think that would be the time to re-seed or over-seed your lawn. You would be wrong.

Iowa State University Extension Turf Grass Specialist Nick Christians says the date he circles on the calendar for planting grass seed is August 15th. He says that date gives the seed enough time to grow before a freeze, and cooler temperatures will give it a better chance of competing with other weeds.

If you need to control broadleaf weeds in your lawn, a herbicide is best used in October or November, when you have less of a chance of damaging other plants.

Fall is also a good time to aerate and fertilize your lawn, according to Christians.

Pre-emergent is best applied in the spring.

In this horticulture day conversation on Talk of Iowa, host Charity Nebbe talks with Christians and Extension Horticulturist Richard Jauron helps answer your gardening questions.