Author of "Stoned" Sets the Medical Record Straight

Jul 17, 2015

Dr. David Casarett was a skeptic when he set out to write Stoned. But in his quest to determine what medical evidence exists for medical marijuana, the palliative care physician found more questions than answers. Host Ben Kieffer talks with him about the book and the research needed to answer those questions.

Casarett and listeners tell stories of how cannabidiol oil has helped children with seizure disorders.  He explains what science knows about the compounds found in cannabis, and the most effective means of extracting and administering those compounds. 

He also explores the downsides of medical marijuana use, including potential addiction. Casarett explains that it is possible to overdose. An overdose may result in severe paranoia and even hallucination, but won't cause death.

Casarett addresses recent studies that have raised questions about medical marijuana's effectiveness.  And while he stops short of advocating for legalization, Casarett explains why decriminalization is necessary to pursue additional medical research.