Artists Hope to Cash in on Black Friday, too

Nov 24, 2017

While millions of Americans are beginning their holiday shopping at big-box stores and online, some are also looking for something they won't find in larger stores.  About 75 artists and other creators from Iowa and nearby states took part in the annual "Market Day" pop-up market in downtown Des Moines. 

"We really exist to serve the people out there who are shopping on Black Friday anyway, and are looking for something that's sort of one-of-a-kind, and to support [the] local economy," says Cat Rocketship, the event's co-director.

She says some of the vendors also have a physical store.

"But most of us, this is sort of a popup thing, and it's the only time you can really see things, touch them in person, and most importantly to us, meet the person who created them as well," she says.

This is the eighth year for Market Day in Des Moines, which exists only on Black Friday.  It's one of several artists' markets scheduled to operate during the next several weeks.