John Pemble

Arts and Culture Reporter

John Pemble is the Arts and Culture reporter at Iowa Public Radio. In 1989, John began his Iowa Public Radio career in Fort Dodge as a program host for jazz, classical, and contemporary instrumental music programs. He joined Iowa Public Radio’s news department in 2008 to produce arts and culture stories.

John spent ten years as an adjunct professor for Iowa Central Community College’s broadcasting department teaching production and operations classes.

John's favorite public radio program is Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me.

Roller derby started in the thirties as a contact sport of women skaters engaging in extreme rivalry and outrageous behavior. Ten years ago a new kind of roller derby started with an emphasis on competition & athleticism. Today there are more than five hundred roller derby teams and eight of them are in Iowa including the new team the Des Moines Derby Dames. Their first home game happens tomorrow night.

Christopher O’Riley is an internationally renowned classical music pianist whose career includes profiling young performers on National Public Radio’s classical music program "From The Top". This weekend O’Riley was the Des Moines Symphony’s guest artist. His performance featured George Gershwin’s well known work "Rhapsody in Blue" and modern music of the band Radiohead

Edward Hopper’s oil paintings feature scenes of emotionally detached New Yorkers in metropolitan environments where the viewer is often forced to fill in the dramatic blanks as to what his subjects are doing. The most famous of which is "Nighthawks", depicting three customers at a late night diner. The early 20th century American artist frequently depicted women in his paintings that some say are vulnerable scenarios.

Internationally-acclaimed vocalist Simon Estes has performed in opera houses and concert halls around the world. But the Centerville native is taking on a tour that in some ways will be his most ambitious. Estes will perform in every Iowa county to raise college scholarship funds for high school students. Friday night his ninety nine county tour started in Franklin county where he sang with high school students and community choirs to a sold out auditorium.