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Professor Donates $500,000 To Struggling Iowa Wesleyan University

A professor and alumna of Iowa Wesleyan University is donating half a million dollars to help keep the school open. The potentially transformational gift comes a little over a week after school leaders announced they're considering closing the school due to "significant financial challenges."

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Who is Matt Whitaker?

On November 7th, less than 24 hours after the midterm election, President Trump requested and received Jeff Sessions' resignation as Attorney General. The President then announced the appointment of Matt Whitaker as Acting Attorney General. Whitaker is a former U.S. Attorney from Iowa, who sought the GOP nomination for U.S. Senate in 2014. He was interviewed as part of IPR's coverage of the primary election. The conversation is transcribed below, and provides some insight into Whitaker's opinions on a number of issues still relevant today.

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As medical authorities closely monitor the world’s newest flu virus, memories are still vivid from the deadly strain that swept the country long ago. We look back at the pandemic of 1918, through the voices of Iowans who survived the calamity. The oral history interviews were recorded around Iowa between 1977 and 1995. Thanks to the Gold Star Museum at Camp Dodge.

Legislature Adjourns

Apr 26, 2009

Big Band Museum

Apr 10, 2009
Glenn Miller Birthplace Museum

A museum, opened in 2010, commemorates musical legend Glenn Miller at his birthplace in Clarinda. We visited the birthplace prior to the new museum's groundbreaking ceremony. Our story features historic audio from the Big Band era, recorded around the U.S. and in England. Courtesy of Cary Hahn and Marvin Negley, the sound clips date from 1939 to 1944.

Early Grant Wood

Mar 24, 2009
Rick Fredericksen / Iowa Public Radio

This coming Sunday is the final chance to see 'American Gothic' at the Des Moines Art Center. Meanwhile, just down the road, some of Grant Wood's early paintings are being discovered at a most unlikely place. Iowa Public Radio's Rick Fredericksen takes us on a Radio Field Trip to Dunn's Funeral Home.

78s Galore

Mar 12, 2009

An Iowa City man who has been collecting 78 rpm recordings most of his life, is now at 7,000 and counting. His phonograph collection is equally impressive. We sample the recordings from the record vault of Dan Daly. Sounds from early to mid 1900s, recorded across America.

Hogfarm Hearings

Feb 16, 2009

A trip to a garage sale leads to a mysterious batch of old private recordings. The plastic, metal and vinyl records are in terrible condition, but we were able to piece together a partial story of lost voices. The recordings were found in a box of cowboy folklore music at a garage sale in Ames. Sounds from circa 1940s, recorded at unknown locations.

Surf Ballroom

We conclude our series from the Surf Ballroom and the corn field where Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, The Big Bopper and pilot Roger Peterson were killed in a plane crash in 1959. Sounds from the late '50s in California, New York, and unknown recording studios. Historic audio is from YouTube. (Part One is posted below)

It was 50 winters ago when the fledgling rock and roll world was stunned by the deaths of Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and The Big Bopper. We remember their last live performance at the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake. Sounds from the late '50s in New York, Denver and unknown studios. Historic audio is from YouTube.

Veronica Guyader

The Woolstock home where actor George Reeves was born has reached the point of no return. The owners plan to raze the building. We present the highlights of this legendary Iowan's career. Recordings from You Tube and a private collector. Sounds from 1939 to the 1950s, in California. Note: The birthplace house was torn down in 2011.


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Featured Release This Week From Kurt Vile + Tracks Top 30 Playlist

Philadelphia musician, vocalist and songwriter Kurt Vile was once in the band The War On Drugs, but he's more likely to be known these days for collaborating with Courtney Barnett. That, plus his solo albums; Bottle It In is Vile's seventh studio release. It's entirely fitting that Vile opened for Neil Young a while back, playing for 90,000 people in Quebec. He's kind of a Neil-of-the-mid-70's type figure for the 21st century. Like Young, Kurt Vile takes inspiration from Americana in its many...

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